The garage may have buried treasure

Father’s Day is here and too often we overlook buried treasure out in that garage. Gifting Parties in the Garage? Often I suggest that you host a gifting party to offload some of your unwanted kitchen dishes or home items but don’t overlook the garage. If... read more

How to Become a Smooth Organizer . . .

Let’s first define what a Smooth Organizer is not.  It is not someone who is ultra-fastidiously organized that is hell-bent on constantly keeping everything neat and tidy.  A Smooth Organizer has set their goal to initially or decided now to put boundaries on what and... read more

How to prepare a large dinner gathering

Ever wonder if you could host a dinner again?  Is life too chaotic for dinner gatherings?  Does life seem too chaotic to host a dinner? It is possible to host a large dinner for a group of friends or family but it gets tricky with our ultra-busy lives.  For me, it... read more

How to handle inherited stuff?

Parents and grandparents along with aunts and uncles are now leaving behind more stuff than can be imagined and, in truth, no one wants it.  Tastes of millennials is not like their parents and grandparents. So, what do you do with all the inheritance stuff along with... read more
Deep Dive Dinners and not needing perfection

Deep Dive Dinners and not needing perfection

Would it be possible for you to host a dinner if all your plates did not match?  What if at the last minute, you realized you did not have 8 matching plates for all the guests invited to dinner.  You had time to run out and buy more plates but time was tight.  What... read more
How to become a Smooth Organizer – Webinar link and details

How to become a Smooth Organizer – Webinar link and details

How does one go smoothly through life or even one year?  Is that even possible?  Actually, it is, and on our bi-monthly calls we walk through the process and steps to move smoothly through a life with a family, a home of any size and enjoy holidays.  Get empowerment,... read more

About Elisa

Elisa Hawkinson is a master at organizing a home and a life.  Since 2000, she has been helping people through her seminars, workshops, and hands-on personal coaching to bring order out of their cluttered homes and lives.  Now, she helps you through these awesome organizing tips through this blog.  Enjoy!